The Swallow’s Flight Pop-up Event in DTLA – Saturday, October 13, 2018 at As We Dwell

Over the weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to be a part of The Swallow’s Flight’s pop-up event at As We Dwell in downtown LA. We also got to partake in our very first podcast experience with the Your Angry Neighborhood Feminist Podcast, hosted by Keegan and Madigan who were both so lovely and made chatting about Dead Girls by Alice Bolin (the topic of the episode) all the fun! 

We got to meet tons of creative folks and had great conversations about books and everything in between. We drank delicious homemade tea blends and scored badass handmade goods (how did I live life without a batik cross-body water bottle satchel for so long?!)—all made with love by the super talented Arielle. And we closed the night out with a totally rad jam session from Bad Snacks!

After the super happy-making experience of this event, we are so pumped to take part in future collabs where we all get to nerd out about books and feminism and DIY, that it warms our little hearts.

Most awesome of all, it was just so cool to be part of something creative that supports other woman and their visions. ✊🏻💕✊🏽💕✊🏿

Tons of photos were taken (and more to come), so we wanted to share some them with you all. A HUGE thank you to Arielle and YANF for allowing us to be a part of such a special and magical event.

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Some #bookpartychallenge Love!

We’re still beaming with pride at all the beautiful posts that you tagged us in for our recent #bookpartychallenge, so we thought we’d do a little more to give back.

Each week, we’ll be rolling out a few favorite photos from our August challenge to show some love to all our Book Party buds who made this summer a little brighter!

Please check out the accounts below, give them a follow if you like what you see, and help spread the love!
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