About the Book Club

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There are plenty of online book clubs around town, but here we wanted to create something a little different–a community-driven and interactive space where we can dig deeper into the themes of each book together.

Basically, this is the kind of space we wished we could find online. One place where all kinds of informative info about the book we’re reading is gathered to peruse, while also having the opportunity to connect with other enthusiastic readers (preferably at home, in PJs, snuggled up with a fur baby).

Here’s what you’ll be able to find here under the Book of the Month section!

On the Web:

We’ll weed through the best of web for you to find articles, interviews, reviews and discussion topics that we think are particularly interesting, insightful and fun to accompany you as you journey through the book. This will also give us lots of stuff to talk about in our group discussions! We’ll be sure to warn you if any of the content we post contains any spoilers!

On the Gram:

Coming from the Bookstagram community ourselves, we also want to feature some content from Bookstagrammers who are also reading our book club pick to share their thoughts, insights and creative photos of the book. We see this as yet another way to build community through the reading experience of a particular work.

Discussion Topics:

This will be where we post the weekly discussion topics all in one spot. You can use these to help guide you through your reading and bring up anything that may particularly interest you in discussions.

Group Forum:

We will be holding monthly read-alongs via discussion group on Instagram, where we divide the book up by sections and discuss these sections weekly. We will also have a discussion forum set up each month for the book pick at thebookslut.com. This will be for those who would like to read at their own pace, dig a little deeper, or continue the discussion after the end of each month. We plan to post weekly discussion topics as a jumping-off point for these chats, which you can respond to and discuss amongst each other, and with us, at your leisure..  For the forum discussions the best part is, since we’re not meeting IRL, you can participate in these convos as much or as little as you’d like. And you can rest those tired smartphone thumbs (the worst) haha.