Putney on the Web Articles, Interviews (& Other Stuff) to Dig Deeper

Let’s get this party started, y’all! Below you will find our very first installment of handy-dandy resources on the web to help you learn more about Putney, and the author, Sofka Zinovieff. Let’s get our critical thinking caps on! Check it out.

Get to know the author! Check out Sofka Zinovieff’s website.

We agree that Putney is a perfect book club pick for the #MeToo moment.

A Lolita for the age of #MeToo: a review of Putney by The Guardian.

Consent, control and the transition to adulthood–another insightful article from The Guardian.

Kirkus Review discusses Putney as a novel that interrogates the intersection of love, desire, and abuse.

Putney along with some more #metoo-appropriate titles from AMNewYork Review.

Check out what readers are saying about Putney on Goodreads! 

SPOILER ALERT! Wait to check out this awesome article from Medium Review  until after you’ve read the book. Or if you’re a read-the-ending-first kinda reader, have at it!… haha.


The New Yorker’s fascinating story of the “real Lolita.”

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