The Incendiaries on the Web – Articles, Interviews (& Other Stuff) to Dig Deeper

As promised, here are some rad and gloriously informative resources on the web to give you some insight into our fav October read, and it’s author, the cool AF R.O. Kwon. Check it out, and let’s get critical!

Did you know it took R.O. Kwon 10 years to write her debut novel, The Incendiaries? Neither did we! Learn about her obsession with language and sound, her writing process, and what she reads for inspiration here.

Religious Faith Turns Monstrous in R. O. Kwon’s The Incendiaries– check it out in The New Yorker.

Super rad interview with R.O. Kwon by Signature Mag, “The Making of a Fictional Cult.”

Another banger of an Interview with R.O. Kwon by her close friend and comrade in writing, Laura van Den Burg, author of The Third Hotel.

R.O. Kwon talking with Fear No Lit writer James Figy

Check out what readers are saying about The Incendiaries on Goodreads.


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