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 Our favorite spot to check out other reader’s thoughts, insights and creative photos of our monthly book club picks is on Instagram’s vibrant book community #bookstagram. Below are a few accounts featuring The Incendiaries this week. Check out their rad photos and what they have to add to the discussion below!


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‘Of all people, I should have recognized this warmth for what it was: a bag of tricks. The fellowship, a little food. The hocus-pocus bribe of hot bread, lavish, like God: take, eat. This is my body, which is broken for you.’ . . . I started this one yesterday (maybe the day before) but I’m having trouble connecting to it. I can’t yet decide if it’s the author intentionally holding the reader at arms length or my blistering book hangovers from Hot Milk and Conversations with Friends. Thoughts to come on both as soon as I can get my brain together. In the meantime, I’ll carry on with this one. Any thoughts? I know a bunch of you have read it— I see it posted all over the place. #theincendiaries . . . PS— What are you reading this weekend?

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Another day, another coffee, another book…and this one’s short guys, like 220 pages short. Slim volume it may be, but it’s packed a big punch in the literary world – it’s been well-reviewed, and I’ve seen it everywhere (including all over the ‘gram). * * * Phoebe and Will meet at university and start dating. Sure they’ve got their issues, but actually everything’s pretty damn good. Then Phoebe joins a cult, and possibly bombs some buildings and ultimately disappears. AND THAT’S BAD. So…short book, but heavy themes about religion and extremist groups, and love and obsession. Because of that, I’m in two minds about whether I was satisfied with how those issues were explored. On the one hand, these are topics that can’t really be covered at a high level. I wanted to understand more about…well, everything that was going on, to be honest. I wanted to know more about these characters, and why they did some of the things they did. On the other hand, keeping things short means you have to go away and think for yourself and draw your own conclusions – totally not a bad thing. * * * In the end, I’ve still got mixed feelings about this one. Some of the writing was absolutely beautiful, and sometimes it felt overdone. Some of ideas and insights seemed bang on, and others didn’t feel complete. But despite some flaws, this one was 100% thought-provoking. 3/5 ⭐️’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #theincendiaries #fiction #coffee #breakfast #coffeetime #foodie #book #toast #booktalk #bookstagram #explore #travelgirl #bookaddict #passionpassport #littlestoriesofmylife #momentslikethese #girlswhotravel #beautifuldestinations #ladiesgoneglobal #amreading #currentlyreading #bookreview #whatimreadingnow #traveladdict #booksandbeans #bookrecommendations #onthetable #bibliophile #bookishfeatures #bookworm

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Hey guys… we’re starting a book club 📖🎉 | Our first book: The Incendiaries by RO Kwon . In this book, Phoebe Lin and Will Kendall meet in their first month at prestigious Edwards University. Phoebe is a glamorous girl who doesn’t tell anyone she blames herself for her mother’s recent death. Will is a misfit scholarship boy who transfers to Edwards from Bible college, waiting tables to get by. What he knows for sure is he loves Phoebe. Grieving and guilt-ridden, Phoebe is drawn into a secretive cult founded by a charismatic former student with an enigmatic past. When the group commits a violent act in the name of faith, Will finds himself struggling to confront a new version of the fanaticism he’s worked so hard to escape. 👉🏻 Check out the @eventbrite link in @thetable_indy bio and if you’re not an Indy local, join anyway by using the #thetablereads. Can’t wait to read along with you all! | 📷: @riverheadbooks

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guess who is feeling a little nervous about reading a very hyped book? 🙋🏼‍♀️ . no, i’m excited, but i have to admit, the minute i started hearing about this book, i was pretty jazzed to get my hands on it. this feels like a tough one to hide from for that very reason— many people have been excited about it. the real seller for me was how the bookseller described the author event they had, and how incredible R. O. Kwon was throughout the event. the way they described it, made me feel like this is an author i want to support. . what do you all think? do you succumb to the hype and read those books right away? or do you wait it out a little and read later? or not at all!! tell me all the things. . 9|19|18

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